Posted by: kingmagic | October 30, 2007


Welcome to the site of SWAB Team 6.


SWAB stands for “Special Wounds and Bandages”….an elite unit set up in the United Kingdom made up of mainly ex-military but currently serving Ambulance Service Paramedics and Technicians.

The role of SWAB is constantly changing and attracts controversy in its methods…sometimes. It is run along military/police lines and can operate as a response unit or as a proactive team in special operations.

Its primary role is to preserve life and prevent deterioration of casualties.

Its secondary role is provide Public Order assistance to local Police Forces (Police Services if you are naive)

Its other role (sometimes referred to as Black ops) is to deliver justice to the scumbags and scroats who infest our society and cause themselves to be a nuisance to Ambulance and Police across the country. Its a kind of “Preventative Medicine”


Here you will learn of the history of SWAB from its inception on the battle fields of the Peninsula War in the early 19th. century to the training methods adopted from around the world. As in all good stories the names and places have been changed to protect the innocent. I will endeavour to try and inform and entertain you with my writings…hopefully!  


Mordecai McNab…SWAB Team 6

“At the end of the day…its what we do…!!!”



  1. Nudge Nudge wink wing say no more!

  2. Cheers RG.

    Read the book…gripping reading.

    Glad all went well down south.

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